Our mission

Empowering Knowledge for Innovation™

Empowering Knowledge for Innovation™

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About Harmony Group

We believe everyone has the potential to do amazing things. From learning a new language to professional training using artificial intelligence, our mission is to unleash the potential in all of us and help advance humanity through strategic investments.

For all these reasons, our first initiative was to create an investment fund whose aim is to encourage and nurture innovation applicable to the education industry.

Our goal: to build the Internet of tomorrow that increases access to knowledge for everyone and protects our privacy by making encrypted communications the default online.

1.8 million

euros of investment


projects in Research & Development


strategic partnerships
in 5 countries

Our values

At Harmony Group, our values guide us in all our actions – from strategic decisions to day-to-day interactions with partners and each other.

We learn and improve

We’re entrepreneurs: we always try new things, we learn and improve. We take bold actions, and we keep our word: we always do what we promise.

We encourage curiosity

We encourage audacity and curiosity to learn and use innovative technologies that will enable transformations to be carried out for the benefit of all.

We succeed together

Beyond technologies, we are convinced that collective intelligence contributes to transforming and advancing the world in a sustainable manner. So, we collaborate across boundaries.

We value difference

We were born speaking different languages. So we champion inclusivity. We remove barriers and we always try to seek out views different from our own.

We respect others

We are convinced that the collective is a strength, that the best solutions are found together. This is why we adopt a position of being close to our customers, partners and employees.

We take responsibility

We set ourselves high standards and are each accountable for our actions. We succeed only by taking the long view, by focusing on the sustainable interests of our customers.


Introducing the first web-based operating system dedicated to collaborative learning & secure team collaboration. From anywhere, at anytime.